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YRBZ is a brand of yerba mate which is a tea originating from South America. Whilst it is commonly drank in Argentina, Uruguay and other South American countries, it still remains relatively unknown to the majority of the world. Consumed as a warm caffeinated beverage, yerba mate gives the drinker a prolonged energy rush with no crash, whilst also giving the feeling of being focused – hence why the Argentinian football World Cup team took 500lbs of it to the 2022 World Cup which they ended up winning.

YRBZ Starter Kit

The YRBZ starter kit is designed to provide a first time user with all the essentials needed to make a cup of yerba mate. A leaflet is also provided which has a diagram showing the method used in brewing it traditionally.

YRBZ X Juventus FC Sponsorship Concept

This kit contains Juventus’ black and white striped design while combining it with a pattern inspired by face markings shown in Guarani culture, where yerba mate is a heavy part of their tradition. This pattern is used throughout the YRBZ marketing and brand collateral.


YRBZ would primarily be advertised in and around sporting venues whilst also being marketed in stores where it is sold. The ‘post-game blend’ is designed for our athletes to consume after their exercise. As Yerba mate is commonly drank throughout the day, the ‘post-game blend’ contains cbd to offer other benefits such as helping the consumer relax.

YRBZ yerba mate commercial cut

Commercial Video

The commercial video is a cut of the promotional video with the aim to be short, punchy and informative to a viewer but also have the same effect as the promotional video.

Promotional Video

The video contains text informing the viewer about what makes yerba mate unique. Emphasising how it is 100% natural and gives the consumer a large energy rush to hopefully improve their sporting performance. Making it the perfect natural alternative to artificial energy drinks.

The majority of the video was edited in Final Cut Pro however I used tools such as blender and procreate to produce some animations which can be seen throughout the video. These include the logo renders and illustrative animations.

The promotional video is a combination of my own footage as well as stock footage. I used a black and white filter to fit the rest of the brand imagery whilst also adding ‘scratchy’ illustrative effects to match the brands illustration style which is again influence by the Guarani culture. My footage is all of the clips of people paying hockey, and the macro b-roll shown towards the start of someone preparing a cup of Yerba mate.

YRBZ yerba mate promotional video

The style displayed in the videography is echoed in the brand imagery. Dynamic, involved with the aim to show a burst of energy. This is to emphasise the effect of the brand colour (volt) representing the energy that the YRBZ Yerba mate would give to a consumer.

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