Shun Ching Chiu

I am originally from Hong Kong, an extroverted introvert (INFJ in the MBTI). I like to reflect on the meanings of existence, not because it seems to be cool but because I question the meaning of my life...☺︎

Final Year Project


You are all the colours in one, at full brightness.

Niven, J. (2020) All The Bright Places.
Penguin Random House Children’s UK.

I selected white as the theme colour for this show as, in the light spectrum, white is obtained from the culmination of lights of all colours. This is symbolic of the various ‘colours’ of emotions that we constantly feel, coming together to create a delicate, subtle, personal experience that is unique to everyone. The seemingly intangible white patterns created on a white background create a sense of tranquillity which can provide one the headspace to reflect on the meaning of the absences of existence, questioning the correlations and connection between the intertwined existence of human beings and nature, all of which are ideas I have explored through my artworks done in this ‘white on white’ manner. I wish to emerge viewers into the pieces via creating a serene atmosphere with this unique white-on-white style and create a unique yet shared experience of each individual’s own distinctive reflections on themes explored through this method of visual stimulation and via physical contact with my artworks.

Working Experience

  • Social Media & Marketing Manager, QQ Workshop & Production Hong Kong
  • Summer Internship, Shining Child & Family Development and Assessment Centre
  • Brand Representative, Hollister Co.
  • International Student Ambassador, Loughborough University


  • University International Student Scholarship
  • International Baccalaureate Subject Prize: Visual Arts (HL)
  • S4-S5 Emerald Award (Outstanding Academic Performance)

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