Ruby Smith

About to graduate from Loughborough University with a degree in Textiles: Innovation & Design. In search of a position on a buying team or print designer. I am currently running my own company and sell high-end, handcrafted accessories with my own prints. I have supplied these items for many UK fashion events. I am driven, personable and ambitious with a passion for retail and fashion.

Final Project

Conservation within the Scilly Isles

Investigation into conservation in the Scilly Islands. Inspired by childhood trips to the islands with my family. The island is significant to me personally and is full of memories. In addition to being a destination with many special memories for me, the island is a significant UK conservation area. The Seabird Recovery Project, Wildlife Trust, Isles of Scilly Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority, and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee are just a few of the island’s many conservation initiatives. The island is dedicated to keeping the species specific to the island and visitors come to the island for its beauty therefore respecting the environment and their habitats. I have explored women’s couture collection specifically dresses.

Tresco UNESCO Botanical Gardens

It’s special botanical garden preservation, including the renowned Tresco Abbey Gardens on the island. The gardens is a 17 acre garden created by Augustus Smith, the owner in the nineteenth century. Plants which are native to the island include the common reed, bulrush, soft rush, yellow iris and water mint. The island is home to rare flora and fauna, this attracts wildlife professionals, academics and enthusiasts all year round. Tresco Abbey Gardens is home to a host of succulents, giant palm trees as well as the lipstick red-flamed trees and flowering King Protea.


Flowers and women mirror feminine biology and the growth and change of reproduction. After pollination, a seedpod swells from within the beautiful petals of a flower (the womb) creating a seed through which that flower will be born anew. Flowers represent life, much like women do.

Previous Project ‘Endangered Ecosystems within the Amazon Rainforest’

Climate changes, long shifts in temperature, and weather patterns under the human influence have been the main driver of climate change, primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels which produces heat trapping gases. Resulting in warmer temperatures that are changing weather patterns and disrupting the balance of nature. This poses many risks to human beings and all other forms of life on Earth. My project explores the patterns and global issues within climate change translated within a couture womenswear collection. Making women feel empowered with a strong message behind each garment to inspire future change.

Exploration of deforestation within the Amazon rainforest. Focusing on line and patterns within nature. Specifically looking at the investigation of lines within oil palm trees.

Digital design of deforestation within the Amazon rainforest using digital editing techniques such as glitching.

Exploring heat maps within the Amazon rainforest using a two layered screen on top of hand painted background using chiffon.

Experimentation with glitching within climate maps and integrating line drawings of extinct amphibians within the Amazon rainforest, specifically the golden poison frog.

Investigation of heat maps within the Amazon rainforest focusing on their shapes and figures formed within each map.

My final visualisations.

Work Experience

December 2022, for two weeks M&S Head Office, Paddington

Work experience at the M&S Head Office working with the lingerie buyers, working closely with the bra team. M&S has allowed me to grow in several professional areas. My role throughout the week included attending product development meetings as well as weekly buying and merchandise catch ups. My key responsibilities included foreseeing the Summer Season 2024 Collection and discussing future plans with suppliers and troubleshooting internal and external factors. It has enabled me to understand brand vision and strategies within corporate businesses.

May 2020 – Present rubysdesignsonilne, London

Launched a Handmade British Luxury Acessories Business. Founder and Director of Ruby’s Designs Online. Creating handmade British luxury accessories, products ranging from Bikinis to water bottles. Ruby’s Designs Online is a small up and coming business. All my products are handmade in London, UK. This means that products are handcrafted by a small team using tools rather than mass produced by machine. This ensures you are supporting British craftsmanship. I am passionate about creating innovative and intricate designs in my art studio based at Loughborough University. I have been involved in several fashion shows across the UK with my brand continuing to grow continuously with over one thousand followers on Instagram alone.

June 2021 – April 2023 Azir, Hertford

Front of House at Designer Menswear Store – Shop Assistant role, selling luxury heritage brands and bespoke tailoring with the highest level of personal service. Iconic luxury brands such as Orlebar Brown, Palm Angels, VETEMENTS, OFF – WHITE and Moose Knuckles alongside limited edition samples and runway pieces.

August 2018, for two weeks Humphrey Munson, Essex.

Shadowed the creative director at a Luxury Kitchen Company. Working with the creative team to organise plans and delivering a strategic vision for clients. Managing social media accounts such as their Instagram with over 294k followers. Assisting photoshoots and weekly meetings with individual teams.

July 2018 – August 2018 Debenhams Head Office, London.

Buying Admin Assistant.Working alongside buyers for the lingerie department. I developed skills such as sample meetings, use of Microsoft, excel and competent use in PowerPoint. Main responsibilities included: managing the extensive critical path, assisting the technical team in weekly fit sessions, conducting monthly comp shop presentation to leadership team, reporting on sales & assisting my team in developing new ranges. Responsible for all packaging, colour approvals & sample management.

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