Paige Shone

I'm a creative print designer who embraces innovation and experimentation, pushing the boundaries of traditional printed textile design.

Final Project

Echoes of Youth

This final project encapsulates joyful events experienced throughout my teenage years into early adult hood. Inspired by countless, personal treasured memories filled with laughter and happiness. Celebrating youth whilst showcasing important figures who greatly impacted my life, curated from a variety of images captured over many years. Imagery throughout this project initially began from an array of multimedia collages, developing into designs incorporating playful colours and busy prints. Creating an energetic fun feeling encouraging others to look back on their own nostalgic memories.

Five-layer pigment print on corduroy, incorporating typography and elements from previous abstract collages.

This five-layer pigment print on natural cotton denim showcases large-scale and abstract shapes, emphasizing the visual impact. The initial design stems from collage work that incorporates sections of the repeat print from my collection.

Seven layer repeat pigment print on natural cotton denim, capturing the spirit of youth and honouring significant individuals who have profoundly influenced my life. Curated from a diverse collection of images captured over many years

Drawing inspiration from primary photos taken at festivals, this single-layer pigment print on corduroy captures the vibrant energy and dynamic movement of crowds of dancing people.

A textured and painterly single-layer VAT print on Fuji silk, capturing the lively energy and movement of crowds depicted in primary imagery. This print stands out among others in the collection, adding a distinct and contrasting aesthetic.

A large-scale digital print on chain jersey, capturing the vibrant energy and exhilaration of a festival through the expressive facial expression of a friend. The print is inspired by a primary photo and created through a combination of collage and digital manipulation.

Previous project

‘Urban Dwelling’

Final fabric samples

Urban Dwelling investigates the vibrant yet complex experience of urban living. Highlighting the beauty of the city whilst also exploring the issues faced, particularly in times of economic crisis. The Autumn/Winter luxury genderless collection included predominatley screen-printed pieces. Intending to become an expression of real-life issues and struggles, juxtaposed with the beauty and colour which can be found throughout daily city life.

Torn paper digital statement print

Kings Heath

This digitally printed statement design combines primary images, drawings, newspaper articles, and typography on ripstop fabric intended for a jacket. The print unifies the core concepts within my project whilst capturing the city’s night time colour palette.

Double layer VAT print

Floodgate Street

Two layer VAT print onto donated black satin. Combining the ‘Kings Heath’ print with a line drawing extracted from earlier work.

Single layer VAT print

Jewellery Quarter

Single-layer stock VAT print onto donated black satin intended for a loose fitting jumpsuit. Print created from a torn paper collage using a variety drawings and photography.

Double layer VAT print

Colmore Row

Two-layer VAT print on hand-dyed Cotton Denim Natural intended for an oversized blazer. Print inspired by Birmingham city graffiti.

Double layer VAT print

Hurst Street

Two-layer VAT print on purple cotton denim natural for a boiler suit. Incorporating impactful words from newspaper headlines on economic struggles in cities, along with a fine line print from previous work.

Flocking on chiffon

Corporation Street

Black flocking on hand-dyed chiffon. Print inspired by newspaper headlines on the cost of living crisis and economic struggles of the time.

Double layer VAT print

Brindley Place

Two-layer VAT print on hand-dyed orange cotton denim natural, designed for a coordinating trouser and jacket set. Print features impactful words from newspaper headlines combined with a graffiti-inspired pattern.

Single layer VAT print

East Side

Single-layer stock VAT print on hand-dyed silk fuji, designed for a maxi long sleeve draped dress. Print showcases textural painterly marks inspired by graffiti found around the city.

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