Rosie Williams

A cross-disciplinary artist engaged in a collaboration with fungi: attempting to illicit an interest in, and intiate an understanding of, fungal forms and their unique biology within the confines of fine-art and beyond.

Final Project

Entangled Narratives: Fungal Collaborations Challenging Anthropocentric Hierarchies

Following my first-semester dissertation and investigation into fungi and their application as a material in modern design.

Solar Etching

Solar-Etched Prints

Journey to the Show

I utilise the reproductive mechanisms of fungi in order to create intricate marks.

No medium is used other than the fruiting bodies of the organisms, and the subsequent spores that they produce.

The outcome of this sustainable printmaking practice often mimics the aesthetics of a variety of traditional artmaking mediums.

“Withering Mushroom”, Macro photograph taken January 2023.

“Witches Butter”, Macro photograph taken December 2022.

“Mouldy Mushrooms”, Macro photograph taken January 2023.

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Visionary Makers