Demi Wilkie

I am a multidisciplinary artist from Gibraltar, who explores the concept of "Liminal Space".

Final Project

The Space In-Between

My work seeks to navigate the term ‘Liminality’ through embodying my experience of living in a state of in-between two points; Gibraltar and Loughborough.

The term ‘Liminality’ refers to a state or condition of being in-between, on the threshold, or in a transitional phase.

Since moving abroad to further my studies I have experienced a sense of disconnection when it comes to the feeling of belonging. Therefore, my final project aims to recreate an atmospheric sensation of disorientation through immersive psychedelic pieces of moving imagery.

Film Still Features

Film stills from projections and moving images featured in my degree show. To be able to watch both clips please click the YouTube link attached to head over to my channel.

The Journey of Process

A main focus within in my practice is the importance of both materiality and process. My journey within this project began with creating autonomous paintings through the unconventional means of blocks of coloured ice cubes. This encompassed the term of ‘liminality’ from the context of the material transitioning within its physical conditions.

These pieces were later then recorded against the artificial lighting of a light box. This enhanced luminosity of work allowing it achieve a transient aura. These recordings were then manipulated using the Adobe software Premiere Pro to create sections of immersive imagery.

Finally, using these captivating abstract sequences I then overlaid and combined my own footage of both Gibraltar and Loughborough in reference to accepting not belonging to one singular place but floating between them.


Neither Here Nor There, A5 Postcard.

Llévame Donde Nací, A5 Postcard.

Mind The Gap, A5 Postcard.

All postcards can be ordered and purchased via Email or Instagram.

Exhibitions & Work Experience

  • 2020 Frontline Worker Exhibitions – GEMA Gallery Gibraltar
  • 2022 Woolf Studios: Scraps Exhibition – Fine Art Gallery Loughborough University
  • 2022 Part B: Pitch Exhibition – The Rushes Shopping Centre Loughborough 
  • Stay and Play Leader In-Charge: A summertime programme which aids to assist children/young adults with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Worked over 5 years within the programme having served 3 years as a leader and another 3 within managerial roles overseeing both Staff and Service users. Within my experience I have focused on designing appropriate creative arts and sensory lesson plans based on the skills and abilities of all individual service users.

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