Final Project

The fun, juvenile, abstract shapes and colours in my work represent viewing the world with awe. This project has allowed me to be curious and present as I sought out all the weird and wonderful shapes and colours you can find in nature.

I abstract and simplify forms and patterns I see on walks out in nature. The work plays with looking at shapes and colours found in plants, fungi and animals, altering them to represent the feeling I experienced when immersed in nature, rather than showing them as they are. The work aims to reignite this feeling of curiosity and awe about the world, as you would through the eyes of your inner child.


Ceramic sculpture and wool
30 x 30 x 30 cm

‘Dreams in the Garden’

Acrylic painting on canvas
110 x 110 cm

‘Form and Fungus’

Ceramic Sculpture in progress
160 x 100 x 70 cm

‘Visions of the Garden’

Acrylic paint on paper
Triptych (each A3)


Ceramic Sculpture
30 x 30 x 10 cm

Journey to the Show

In the lead-up to the show, I have been working hard on adding the final details to my sculptures and paintings and experimenting with them in situ. A big part of the show is the curation of the degree space, so as well as working on aesthetic features, I have been doing mock-up sketches of how each artwork will fit into my space.

This was my most ambitious project as I have never worked on such a large scale, especially in ceramics. Creating a tall form took a lot of pre-planning and heavy lifting. The final solution was to create a sculpture that was then broken down into several pieces that all slot together using metal rods. The final sculpture will have different textiles growing from it and exhibited with several of my paintings and smaller sculptures.

Other Projects

Ceramic Chess Set
Handmade ceramic chess set with quirky characters. Each piece is made individually, so they all have unique expressions.

Ceramic Planter
Set of planter and watering plate accompanied by a cat figurine. All handmade and glazed.

I have started to apply to open calls for galleries to begin to get my artwork into exhibitions. My first exhibition was for Oxford Artweeks and showcased my triptych ‘Visions of the Garden’.


Rona Painting GalleryOxford Art Weeks‘ 2023

LCB Depot ‘Making It’ 2023

Ferens Art Gallery ‘Open Exhibition’ 2023

Work Experience

Hannah Simpson Studio – Studio Assistant 2021-22

I worked for the ceramicist Hannah Simpson. I helped with creative direction and making the lamps, monsters and sculptures she sells and exhibits.

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Visionary Creators

Visionary Makers