Rebecca Olivia Ashford

My practice investigates a full exploration of performance drawing and its relationship with time, through the experience of body and materiality.

My practice explores the temporal experience of performance, in which the work created presents the traces of the act of making and framing these works within an ephemeral sense of performance, while highlighting the importance of the process of drawing.

Creating these serialised collections of mark-making moments by working against durational and endurance-based limits I explore elements of tension, chance-control and production-destruction.

By generating a physical diary of aleatoric mark-making prior to production, I curate a sense of presence and an enquiry into movement-based thinking while making, allowing these drawn marks to be documented and presented as evidence of time passing.

Documenting Making

While devolving the relationship between performative and documentative processes within my practice, I resolved that although they can easily mesh together within a curated space, they are separate entities. 

For me, performance describes the traces of past and present moments of movements and the filmed documentation is more of an extension of the production of making, as a self-reflective process.

Work Experience

During my placement year I completed two 6-month internships, gaining experience within both fashion and creative industries.

MaxMara – Wholesale Showroom Internship

Assisted the Visual Merchandising team in co-ordinating store layouts to translate brand identity to the in-store shop floor teams and allowing me to gain experience during the MaxMara debut pop-up in Liberty’s London.

Provided visual merchandising and logistical support of the rotating showroom layout to manage the presentation and organisation for various events throughout campaign season, such as: Press Day, Sample Sales, Charity Events and ensuring showrooms were appropriately set up for seasonal buying appointments to ensure upkeep of a coherent brand identity.

Supported my designated Sales Manager in these client facing appointments for S/S 22 and A/W 22, in order for teams of buyers to select a range of sampled options to be ordered.

Ralph Lauren – Brand Image Associate

Worked between both Creative Visual Merchandising teams, launching seasonal collections into the London franchising stores and gaining invaluable experience working to build the recognisable and consistent brand identity across various Interiors and Windows installs.

While supporting in daily and overnight launches, I also managed upkeep of current installs, prepping props, selecting florals and arranging updates to existing fixtures by liaising with shipping and storage companies.

Some exciting projects I contributed towards:

  • Chelsea in Bloom (Silver Award Winner) – Windows & Exterior installation
  • POLO ID Womenswear – Accessories capsule global launch 
  • WIMBLEDON – Bond Street flagship launch, including an instore Vogue Korea shoot
  • HBCU Ralph Lauren collaboration – Flagship launch
  • MILAN SPIGA – Week trip supporting within the Italian flagship 

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