Niamh Rose Dollard

As a graduate of Fine Art, my works utilises a combination of colour, layering and collage to blur the boundaries between photography and painting.

Final Project

Painting with Pixels: the New “Photograph”

A culmination of four years of study, this project showcases the immense scope of possibilities that can be achieved within art through the use of the photographic medium.


The layered, colourful effect of these pieces is the result of layering hundreds of strips of clear acetate printed with photographs of window blinds in three colours – cyan, yellow and magenta. These colours mimic the very foundations of the digital printing process, tying together the technicality and artistry of the photograph.


At its core, this project is an effort to further the discourse on the viability of institutional boundaries that surround painting and photography. These works illustrate the collaborative potential between these mediums, calling for deconstruction of what should be considered a painting and what should be considered photography.

Looking up close

The closer these pieces are observed the less the illusion takes hold and the more detail becomes clear – the true spectrum of colour is revealed.

Other Work

Monochrome yellow experiment

Semester 1 silhouette window photography

Semester 1 transparent sculpture piece

Magenta and Yellow

Yellow and Cyan

Cyan and Magenta

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