Final Project

Layers of Turkey

My project is called “Layers of Turkey”. With Layers of Turkey I looked at the recent earthquakes that happened recently in Turkey where my inspiration came from for my models. Looking at the natural structures that was formed resulting of earthquake was a really important part of my project.

Mono Prints

In order to see natural forms that was created in detail I used mono printing. These mono prints gave me lots of ideas on new models as I could work with different structures clearly shown in the mono prints.


For my model I used black thing wire and acetate. The acetate had the exact mono prints I had throughout the project stacking them up through the wire which created my model.

Buildings collapse after Turkey earthquake

This video on YouTube can show how severe the earthquake was. We can see how the buildings were collapsing and can just imagine how bad of a place the people could’ve been in. I wanted to raise awareness with my project on this.

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