Final Project

The Himmapan Tales

A project focuses on modern interpretation for cultural context. To explore Thai mythology and environments that stimulate the Himmapan forest, which appears in Thai classical literature. The vast forest is said to be the home of mythical creatures of all sizes; believed to be a sign of prosperity.

The Himmapan Thai cuisine and Bar

I decided to change the direction of the project to do branding for a Thai restaurant in the Himmapan theme as I believed it’s the most efficient way to build a connection between an ancient subject with younger audience. So, the focus of the project has changed to ‘The Himmapan Thai cuisine and bar’

Pattern Tablecloth

The tablecloth inspired from Thai traditional pattern from contemporary Thai art which often combines traditional Thai elements with modern techniques. The decorative patterns of Lai Thai have natural shapes as a source such as candle frame, flowers, leaves and even Himmapan creatures and imaginary creatures.



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