Final Major Project

The Strength Of Nature

I have always been interested in how plant forms have many adaptations which enable them to survive in challenging environments. For my FMP I intend to explore how plants can survive and grow in difficult terrains such as in the built environment or in derelict structures. I am interested in how plant forms can establish and thrive within cracks and on surfaces such as lichen on rocks. I intend to use this understanding of plant survival and form to inform my designs for a structural pavilion that will be placed in a local green area. I would be researching the ways plant life have been affecting structures and how they can survive in these sorts of environments.

The Pavilions

These are the models I made using the strengths I have observed within plant life. the plant life I took inspiration for my Pavilions can often be seen inside the cracks of pavements or buildings, I used multiple materials to create these model and the way I manipulated my material was by scoring. The use of scoring allowed me to create sharp bends without damaging the material and showing unwanted white marks.

Pavilions Lighting

The models make use of tracing paper as a light diffuser. This allows light to be controlled and it allows the light to be spread around instead of being focused in one area, this provides a soft atmosphere for my structure.

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