Molly Helen Lightfoot

Originally from Liverpool, my work looks at the stories of local LGBTQ+ members of their experiences with homophobia through the art of printmaking.

Final Project

Is this House a Home?

This project uses the stories of individuals who have faced homophobia through the art of printmaking techniques such as gelli-printing, letterpress, and cyanotype printing. The stories used within this series of prints are true stories, reflecting real-time emotions and experiences of individuals within their ‘homes’.


9-4-22‘ uses the diary entry of an individual exploring their sexual identity, and facing the inner conflict and worries that came through in their understanding of their sexual orientation.

Internal Turmoil

Internal Turmoil‘ looks at the conflict between a child and their mother in relation to their sexual identity. As well as the fear of being exposed in public due to the fear of receiving rejection from their family.

The Condemnation of Memories‘ – Short Film

The Condemnation of Memories‘ is a short video linked to a centre piece featuring ash in the exhibition ‘Is this House a Home?‘ discussing the remaining and everlasting effect of homophobic language.

Is this House a Home?‘- Exhibition

This body of work explores the stories of individuals who have experienced homophobia through printmaking processes such cyanotype, gelatine printing and letter press. Language is an integral focus within the work and the use of stories produces a personal relationship to the work, invoking an emotional response. The work invites audiences into the perspective of victims of homophobia, raising awareness around uncomfortable conversations.

Journey to the Show

The use of gelatine within my work has had prominent role within my work – not only in producing the monoprint text pieces but also in the development of the cyanotype image transfer onto acrylic sheet.

The practice has grown from my experience in graphic design, by investigating the use and presentation of different typefaces in order to produce work reflecting the emotional importance of the stories discussed within the practice.

I combined modern materials and traditional forms of printing to reflect that homophobia has been involved in our past and will continue to be a part of our futures unless we choose to grow and listen from the experiences of others.

The ‘Twinky Winky‘ Project

During the exhibition I have chosen to sell screen prints of 3 different styles in reference and support of the LGBTQ+ community. Profits made from the sale will be donated to the chosen charity Mermaids which is a charity that ‘supports transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse children, young people, and their families since 1995.’

For more information on the charity Mermaids:

Twinky Winky

I Love All Fruits

Prints available in various colours.

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