Final Project


The British Isles are rich with native folklore, rituals and superstitions that have shaped what we believe in today.

Through my final project ‘Lore’, I aimed to create an interior collection that is a celebration of the weird and wonderful things that make up our collective imagination and bring communities together.

Screen-printed patchwork sample including floral imagery and written elements


I have embraced a rustic and eclectic aesthetic throughout my work that draws on a range of traditional art styles and craft processes to bring together a quirky collection of decorative interior products and printed textiles.

A range of A4 illustrative prints


Inspired primarily by old folk tales and literature – I have produced a wide variety of original drawings and illustrations that show my personal interpretation of the stories.


Each piece has been carefully printed and crafted by hand, utilising quality, locally-produced or repurposed materials – resulting in a bespoke collection of unique products that have been thoughtfully and responsibly designed.

A range of different screen-printed fabrics

Journey to the Show

A collection of printed textiles

Throughout my final year, I have been focusing on responsible and sustainable design.

I explored this through my earlier project ‘Outdoor Connection’, where I looked into translating the outdoor environment into a collection of printed performance textiles that could be used for functional and

Visualisation drawings showing outdoor clothing textiles collection

contemporary outdoor clothing. I looked into multi-functionality, longevity and neutrality to ensure that the collection would be suitable for a wide range of consumer needs.

My main aim was to create textiles that would be environmentally conscious without sacrificing

A person wearing a printed bandana

performance or aesthetic value. Through this, I learned a lot about responsible material sourcing and sustainable practices, which has informed and shaped the way in which I have approached my final project and will continue to shape my independent design practice moving forward.

Visualisation drawings showing fashion textiles collection

Previous Projects

Throughout my time studying at Loughborough, I have had the opportunity to explore a wide scope of projects, designing for a range of different applications. I have applied my skills to both commercial and domestic interiors, whilst also exploring fashion contexts.

Visualisation drawing of textiles in a commercial office space

This has allowed me to experiment with different uses of colour, drawing styles and materials – giving me a broader understanding of different approaches to design, which has helped me to develop my knowledge and skills to be able to refine my own personal style.

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