Kathryn Geary

Kathryn is inspired by colour, texture and pattern within nature and uses these influences to give artistic expression to her woven textile designs.

Final Project


My final project focusses on luxury handwoven cloth created for adaptive fashion and produced entirely from high quality silk, wool and viscose.

My inspiration is derived from my friend, who has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She regards fashion, particularly colourful garments, as allowing for expression of her disabled identity and enables positive dialogue surrounding disability. The aesthetic of the handwoven cloth is inspired by the colours and textures of the parklands where my friend enjoys spending time.

This collection of handwoven fabric highlights the importance of inclusivity in fashion by considering the potential wearer’s individuality. It also considers the significance of using luxury materials, that are soft and high quality, alongside functional details such as Velcro and magnetic fastenings to create easy to wear apparel.

Hand Woven silk dress

Dress with Adaptive Fastenings

Image of dress handwoven from hand dyed spun viscose and silk. This cloth is combined with a four-shaft cloth woven from raw silk and deadstock organic cotton.

Detail of velcro fastening on waistband of silk dress.

Detail of Dress

Detail of Velcro fastening on the handwoven silk waistband.

Image of Kathryn weaving on 16 shaft George Wood Dobby loom in Loughborough University weave shed.

George Wood Dobby Loom

Kathryn is shown working on the 16 shaft Dobby loom in the weave shed at Loughborough University.

Detail of shawl hand woven from hand painted silk and alpaca bio wool

Raw Silk and Alpaca Handwoven Shawl

Details of a handwoven raw silk shawl that has been created by using a hand painted warp and extra inlays of alpaca bio wool.

Double Cloth Woven Structure

This image showcases the pockets in this 16 shaft structure that are filled with alpaca fleece. This block structure is ideal for use as fabric for outwear as it can be insulated with additional fibre, such as fleece.

Detail of 16 shaft double cloth structure.


  • 2023 Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS)
  • 2019 Loughborough University John Mack Foundation Award
  • 2019 Loughborough University Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Work Experience

Framework Knitters Museum, Ruddington, Nottinghamshire

National Trust Textiles Conservation Studio, Blickling, Norfolk

Calke Abbey, National Trust, Derbyshire

Fearon Hall, Loughborough, Leicestershire

Hope House Costume Museum, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

I also have 30 years experience working in the civil service and local government.

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