Final Project

Improving Medication Management

“Ali” is a transportable automated pill dispenser designed to reduce the workload on informal carers and the social care system when managing medication.

Cartridge Refills

The product is operated via a cartridge service that utilises NFC technology to program the user’s medication regimen and minimise human error in the organisation process.

The cartridges are to be returned to the manufacture at the end of their use to be cleaned and refilled. This sustainability initiative aims to reduce packaging waste and the incorrect disposal of excess medication.

Ali App

The device connects to an app to facilitate ordering medication and managing stock levels. Furthermore, permissions can be shared to allow friends and family to monitor the user’s interaction with their device.

The simple user interface and notification system ensures it is suitable for users with decreased cognitive and physical abilities.

3D Printing

A series of prototypes were produced to ensure the cartridges accurately dispense a wide range of tablet shapes and sizes, whilst being suitable for mass manufacture.

Functional Prototype

I utilised coding to show: the cartridges can be effectively programmed through NFC technology, pills can be accurately dispensed, and LDR sensors can detect pills have been delivered.

Aesthetic Model

A to-scale aesthetic model, including internal parts, was produced for user testing and to check the product could be effectively assembled.

Journey to the Show

Design For 3D Printing- Cat Eye Bracket

This bracket was optimised for mass manufacture through FFF 3D printing.

A range of FEA and cost analysis studies were generated to create a functional and low cost solution.

Design Week- Improving Personal Finance

Budget Buddy supports parents to provide early childhood financial education.

The device creates a stimulating shopping experience, whilst teaching children to manage essential and discretionary budgets. It also provides parents the opportunity to have financial discussions with their children.

RSA- Nature Of Work Brief

Eden improves users connection to their local environment, whilst enhancing colleague relationships.

The device, in partnership with an app, helps to improve connection with colleagues, increase productivity and provide rest breaks reminders to create a successful work environment.


  • WorldStar International Packaging Silver Award (2020)
  • Starpack National Sponsor and Gold Award (2020)
  • DPS- Diploma in Professional Studies, for a placement year in industry.


  • Solidworks Professional in Mechanical Design
  • Solidworks Professional in Technical Drawings
  • Solidworks Associate in Additive Manufacture
  • Solidworks Educator

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