Movement is Medicine

According to a publication by the UK’s Ministry of Defence the knee is the most commonly damaged joint in sports injuries. Ligament injuries account for about 40% of knee injuries, and the anterior cruciate ligament is most frequently injured as making up 49% of all knee ligament complications.

Adequate movement is an essential part of ACL injury post-operative rehabilitation to prevent stiff joints and further complications such as DVT (deep vein thrombosis) – this product aids in improving movement for more efficient recovery.


Testing and development has been implemented throughout the duration of the project to assess feasibility and application to real life.

Image 1 demonstrates live incline testing with an accelerometer and gyroscope. Image 2 was electronic testing for feedback on the leg.

Applications of the device include range assessment and guides the user during flexion and extension exercises such as horizontal leg press, quadriceps extensions and variations of bodyweight exercises such as quarter squats and lunges.

Product Scenario

The user would receive a regime, goals and exercises as advised by the physiotherapist and catered to the client’s needs. When evaluating weekly progress, they would choose their objective through the app, set the orientation to “standing” and then zero the module to start squatting. Upon reaching (or exceeding) the target, the module will flash green and stop buzzing. The app allows users to view historical and live feed results, which mirrors the client’s stage in their recovery process.

Journey to the Show

01 Design Week, 2021

Choosing one of Kenwood’s core ranges of kitchen appliances and evolving it into a product suitable for the broader home environment.

02 Brand Design Guideline, 2022

Using branding knowledge, and graphic design tools gained through placement, to curate a brand identity for my Father’s holding company in Zambia.

03 Abu Dhabi Cricket 2021-22

Creating signages, logos, newsletters and social media posts during IPL, T10 league and T20 World Cup as part of the marketing and communications team at this venue, as well as menu iterations at ‘the Boundary‘ restaurant.

Work Experience

I spent my placement year engaging in various graphic and digital design positions in the United Arab Emirates. These include ‘Al Masaood group‘ in the automotive and industrial industries, ‘Abu Dhabi Cricket‘ in sports and lastly, ‘Student Factory‘ Dubai in education.

Having engaged in several work placements overseas assisted in cultivating my interpersonal and communication skills amongst people from all backgrounds. This has allowed me to nurture and apply a bigger picture perspective to the world of design.

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