Eleni Leontsini

Hello, I'm Eleni, a passionate product designer committed to creating innovative solutions. Here is some of my work, enjoy!

Final Project

Hocus Focus

Hocus Focus helps people build habits by taking care of a living plant. The plant grows on the product according to the users’ adherence to their habit, showing them some progress when it is too early to see the results of their efforts otherwise.

Hydroponic Self-Watering System

Hocus Focus uses a hydroponic system to water the seeds that grow on the surface of the product as the user adheres to their habit.

Context of Use

Hocus Focus aims to help anyone who needs help building a habit. It was designed with plant lovers in mind and tested and developed with young adults.

Plant the seeds of habit and watch the magic unfold…

Setting up the Product

Place Seed Strips

Six replaceable strips, that encase the user’s preferred seeds, are fitted all around the surface at the beginning of the habit cycle.

Fill with Water

The ergonomic lid is unscrewed and the user fills the product with water up to the fill line.

Set Preferences in App

The product is paired with the Hocus Focus app where the user will be able to see their progress more analytically. The user sets preferences of time and type of reminders, etc.

Journey to the Show

In this project, I was able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout my degree. From researching market opportunities, user needs and wants, to developing solutions through ideating, prototyping and user testing.

Focus Groups and Interviews

Functional Development

Prototyping and User Testing

Other Projects

Pram Trolley tackles parents’ problem of shopping in a supermarket with a pram. It aims to improve the users’ shopping experience by providing them with an adjustable, safe and convenient means of transporting the goods within a shop. As part of my year in Enterprise the patent for PramTrolley has now been published!

E-Vyte is an electric vehicle charge point on the base of a lampost. It was created as a response to the brief set by FSW Design during Design Week. Inspiration was taken from the EU Smart Lampost project and the style was adapted to suit the urban environment of London.

EcoFlat is an app developed as part of the UX optional module. It helps students living in shared houses learn about how energy usage relates to money spend on energy bills in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

This is a working prototype of a coffee machine group project created as part of the Electronics and Mechanics module. The automated Aeropress coffee brewer was programmed using embedded systems design.

Accomplishments and Awards

WorldStar Student Award by World Packaging Organisation

Gold and Sponsor Starpack Award – ‘The Great British Bottle’

Diploma of Professional Studies

PramTrolley Patent published (2023) GB2609981 – A Shopping Trolley

Work Experience

At innovation consultancy Lalioti Ltd, I had the opportunity to work alongside talented professionals while utilizing cutting-edge design tools for CAD modelling, 3D rendering, and other design visualization software.

As a freelance UX/UI designer for AllCityCleaning I designed the digital experience of the users booking the company’s cleaning services by prioritizing seamless user experiences and intuitive navigation and implementing responsive design principles.

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