Final Project

TfL Bike

A sustainable and user-friendly solution to inadequate micromobility built with inclusivity, safety, and durability in mind. Londoners can now enjoy the freedom and flexibility of micromobility without compromising on safety, sustainability, or style.

The result of extensive research, ideation, and user testing, TfL Bike will provide a more humane and efficient alternative to current micromobility options – positioning London as a micromobility pioneer.

A custom-designed user interface greets commuters and leisure users on their travels. The circular form feels less techy, more inclusive and more approachable – improving the overall user experience.

Making reference to the iconic colour schemes used throughout TfL branding and products, TfL Bike comes in a range of distinctive yet natural colours that fit in with the rest of London’s transport network.

Work Experience

Blond — Design Intern

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