Final Project


CAPSULE explores a narrative body of work which moves through a performative, reimagined archive of dramatized experiences growing up and examines a personal relationship with food and the spaces in which it occupies.

grave digger

grave digger is a satirical and literal exploration of self and searching; looking for an excuse for behaviours that are deemed irresponsible. It draws inspiration from recollected phrases that negatively view food as punishment as opposed to substance.

like clockwork

like clockwork is a presentation of repetitive, disordered eating around the clock. It draws inspiration from 1950’s aesthetics, exploring the surge and practicality of microwave meals.

under the dinner table

under the dinner table explores the impact of external forces on individual eating habits and looks for a voice to blame for the stigma that ‘unhealthy’ eating habits hold. The camera becomes sentient as it searches for the culprit, encouraging the viewer to actively engage with the motive.

must have been a ghost

must have been a ghost talks on societies need to survey and prosecute individual actions that have little impact on the wider scope of reality. It takes on the form of CCTV footage, forcing the viewer to be complicit in the observation and exploitation of an everyday, mundane task.

Journey to the Show

sunnyside (2022)

wasted wishes (2022)

cows and bells (2022)

filming behind the scenes (2022)

studio view (2023)

filming behind the scenes (2023)

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