Jaime Fierro Moradell

Artist and Filmmaker, my line work travels within the worlds of dark fantasy, creatures and horror, all from the lenses of cinematography. I consider myself a very imaginative and resourseful with a great love for the world of films.

Final Project


Soon in cinemas! The Watcher of Darkness is a black and white monster film that pays tribute to all the horror and creatury movies that came before it. Set in the late 50’s, this project plays with all the characteristic and artistic elements from classic horror films from that era.

What? Horror and Mystery film?

“The Watcher of Darkness” tells us the story about to friends that gather to enter an abandoned building in search for antiques to sell. Within the Horfell Hall, nothing strange appears at first, only old books and dust, but a monstruos legend lives around the place. They appear not to be alone, inside something or someone awaits, watching, before it’s awakening.

Art and Scenery

The short film not only consists on the filmed video itself, but of a complete artistic practice. Props, sets and makeup work as a whole for the narrative. In the last part of the story a room that could match the idea that I had in mind for the story, was built. Designed and made by me, the use of a practical set gives the project an even more vintage look. All made from scratched and assembled for the day of shooting.

Why this theme?

Horror and creatures are usually something that people only associate to jumpscares and dull stereotypes, but giving it the right direction, horror can become a very interesting approach towards inner thoughts, traumas or fears. The creature within this tale is no more than a victim, made from the torture of his won inner shelf.

<Past short films>

The Watcher of Darkness is not my first short film to come to live. “Lejos de tu Vista” in Spanish or “Far from your Sight” was another project that I made on the same theme of fantasy and horror, but following a different style. Nevertheless, the idea of an approachable emotional creature remains as the core of the story.


Almost every single element that appears in the film was made by me. A project that contains more than 200 handmade props or decorative elements, to work as a complete film product, immersing the audience into a new and dark fantastic reality.

The creature that appears in the film had to be a fresh but classic one. By selecting concepts such as werewolfs or vampires from old movies I came with the design of a more plantified monster, one that could be somehow connected to the room where it sleeps.

The designs for the creature, props and set were all intended to work beyond the idea of simpleness, but as a connected tisue that could create cohesive storytelling.

It is important that as a filmmaker the origins of cinema remain a must watch. The new generations tend to forget where the essence of horror films come from. This project honors greatly these important movies that gave shape to the film industry known to date.

Film is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. The ability to create immersive experiences, new stories and fantasy worlds, have made me the person I am today and the artist I want to be.

Work Experience

Worked as an amateur actor in several plays in Spain, as well as in some small film projects. Currently working my way up to Write and Direct more film based projects such as “Lejos de tu vista” and “The watcher of Darkness”

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