Final Project

Exeter Blue Boy Tour

The Blue Boy Tour is a tour around Exeter for couples who have come to visit for a nice weekend get-away. It gives an insightful overview of Exeter’s past through a display of bright and colourful illustrations.


The map tells tourists where Exeter’s most famous historical landmarks are located. As the tourist trails through Exeter they should encounter the illustrations that match these landmarks.

Blue Boys

Along the tour there are 6 blue boy cutouts that you can visit. These are placed alongside 6 unique illustrations that tell the story of Exeters past. There is a tour guide book to go along with these illustrations that the tourist can read to get a better insight.

Shop Window Displays

The illustrations have been made on shop windows to give the area a more fun and playful look. This is because many shops have closed down and continue to be closing down in Exeter making the high-street look very run down which impacts tourists’ experience of the city.

Collectable Coins

The local gift shop stocks a ‘Blue Boy Tour’ coin collection that is available to buy. Anyone who completes the Blue Boy Tour gets a 35% discount off of a coin of their choice.

Vitamins from Mars

The Mars Vitamin range includes 6 different types of vitamins that have 6 different health benefits. Each vitamin contains a different medicinal herb that is known to improves health in humans, which have all been grown and produced on Planet Mars. The plants are exposed to such harsh conditions, resulting in much more effective and long-lasting health benefits compared to vitamins produced on Earth.

The Little Match Girl- Book

The Little Match Girl is a children’s story-book based around Christmas time in New York City. The girl discovers some matches on the floor and explores her imagination through the flames of the matches.

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