Final Project

The Many Myths and Legends of England

This project aims to educate people on the myths and legends created in England. It uses illustration to tell those stories, and also informs people on the places which relate to those myths and legends. I focused on three main myths, those being Black Shuck, Blue Ben and The Lambton Wrym. All three of these myths have an informative booklet and a GPS guide to visit all of the locations mentioned in the booklet.

Telling the Bees

The inspiration for this project came from my Grandad, he was a beekeeper and when he passed away in May 2021, I found myself regretting not knowing more about beekeeping as I knew it was the biggest passion of his life. The problem that I set out to solve in this project was the lack of beekeepers and in particular the lack of younger beekeepers. The activation of solving this issue is in the form of a book that I created that tells the tale of two bears one of which is inspired by my Grandad.

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