Harshita Singh

I'm a designer driven by purpose. I believe in the power of design to create meaningful solutions that improve lives and spark positive behaviour change. With a passion for learning, I immerse myself in all aspects of the design process.

Final Project

Hart+:Heart-focused AR Therapy for Holistic Wellness.

An AR-powered meditation companion. Designed for post cardiac rehabilitation, it combines cutting-edge technology, guided sessions, and heart monitoring to support the journey to a healthier mind and body.

How it Works

The user locates the large raised button right beside the temple to turn on the device and selects their guided session through the app.

How it’s Made

The body was realised through 3D printing methods. The internals includes the use of customised sensors and a PCB board.

Design Detail

Different colour ranges of the product.

Other Work

RSA: Nature of work

High fidelity app screen in relation to SAD lamp product.

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