Emily Jones

I am an exchange student from Spain, here for the year to develop my artistic practice and myself, to observe and understand different perspectives. I am 22 and my outlook on life is as colourful as my art.

Final Project

“Emerging Emotions”

As the title of my project suggests, my art is based on the reflexions and arising emotions that come to the surface when you walk through my space. The lights and colours aim to change the sensations of an environment, transporting the spectator to another place.

I aim to demonstrate the abilities art has, it can help you grow and open up. The feelings exist within you but the art space will permit you to notice and validate them.

A view of a few sculptures pictured with more light to see how colourful the sculptures really are.
Sculptures pictured with more light to understand them and what they look like.

Feeling is important and sharing is beneficial.

This installation work is showcasing various sculptures emanating from the ground, where the soft, colourful wool surrounds the cold wires, symbolizing the need to express and feel for there not to be coldness inside. Alongside these pieces, a handmade notebook will be placed for people to share their perspectives and observations.

The emanating figures are abstract to express the complications of not expressing your thoughts, and that for there to be growth you have to validate yourself, your soul and mental health.

Journey to the Show

Wool shapes stuck onto a mirrored base.
Using wool to create colourful shapes over a mirrored surface.

At the start of the year, I connected emotions to the identity of a person, positivity seen as part of one’s personality, therefore implementing mirrors, but I thought my own vision was not reflected enough. This process of realization let me see the importance of other people’s perspectives in my own art, therefore not abandoning to the full content of this concept.

Shapes and colours glued onto a large scale canvas. Also between the shapes, mirrors and wholes.
My own vision on happiness with shapes and colours made with wool and mirrors on a canvas.

As my own vision of emotions and positivity kept coming up, I decided to make a large scale piece of my own view on how emotions can be seen and imagined, so involving mirrors as other people’s perspectives, and including various colours and shapes. This piece allowed me to identify my own style and to elaborate upon this discovery creating new artwork.

Grouping of various art pieces but highlighting the extended drawings where shapes and colours are represented.
Some of my art pieces highlighting my extended drawings of shapes and colours.

As I was creating and making art, these long drawings were produced expressing everything I was feeling. These undertook an educational function, as I was studying colour theory and art therapy while I was making them, trying to think of a way to combine the viewer’s perspective and my own, and concluding that the best way was situating someone in a space and allowing emotions to emerge.

A close up of the drawings seen in the last photo to better understand the materials used, crayons.
A close up on the long drawing to demonstrate the use of crayons.

As I was creating this artwork, I realized that, subconsciously, I have always covered hard bases with soft materials, targeting the idea of the base being a human being, and the soft colourful materials the emotions associated with them.

The negative and positive emotions are important, thus including colours that symbolize the good and the bad.

An arrangement of several art pieces in my work space, but demonstrating my sculptures and me making them.
Preparing my sculptures in my allocated work area.

This journey led me to produce different sized sculptures covered in wool where the process of creating them has allowed me to reflect upon my own visions, needs and happiness.

Art carries a lot of power acting as a source of communication, it connects the artist to their art and to the spectator, it educates, ergo creating a space full of colours and lights to insert the viewer in a space to reflect.

Work Experience

Through my experiences working in theatre, private lessons and the YMCA summer camps, I have improved my artistic abilities, I have worked with different age groups acknowledging the importance of different views and observing their creative processes. And through my work at Graffiti, a printing workshop, I have gained knowledge in design and printing as well as face to face customer service.

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