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Pearly is a device that cleans, dries, and stores removable dental appliances, such as retainers, Invisalign and dentures.

Improper cleaning of dental appliances can create an ideal environment for the growth of harmful bacteria, plaque, and other pathogens. This can pose a significant risk to the user’s oral health and cause their appliances to appear cloudy and dull.

70% of users fail to comply with appropriate cleaning routines due to a lack of time or pure laziness. Pearly provides a hassle-free solution, ensuring users can clean their appliances with convenience, every single day.

At the core of Pearly lies an ultrasonic cleaner, a technology known for its cleaning capabilities. The ultrasonic waves generated by the device create microscopic bubbles that gently and effectively dislodge debris, stains, and bacteria from the dental appliances. Additionally, Pearly is equipped with a stepper motor mechanism that further enhances user convenience. The stepper motor automatically raises the dental appliance out of the water bath once the cleaning cycle is complete. This eliminates the need for users to remain present throughout the entire process, allowing them to utilise their time more efficiently.

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By integrating ultrasonic cleaning and automated functionality, Pearly provides a hassle-free and time-saving solution for dental appliance maintenance. Users can confidently entrust their removable dental appliances to Pearly, knowing that they will be effectively cleaned, dried, and safely stored until their next use. With Pearly, maintaining optimal oral hygiene becomes a seamless and effortless experience.

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Through techniques like debossing, branding assets have been tastefully incorporated in a subtle yet impactful manner. The indentation of the logo onto the surface of the product creates an elegant and sophisticated impression. It subtly communicates the brand identity and values, adding a touch of exclusivity and refinement. Similarly, the discreet placement of the tagline through debossing reinforces our brand message, offering a glimpse into the essence of our product and the experience it provides. With these subtle branding applications, it is ensured the identity remains distinctive and memorable while maintaining a sense of understated elegance.

Scenario Of Use

Scenario Of Use

Pearly is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. Here’s how it works:

1) Wake up the device and open the lid.

2) Place your dental appliance on the platform.

3) Pearly automatically closes the lid, submerges the appliance in the cleaning bath, and starts the cleaning cycle. Pearly will dry and store your appliance until you require it.

4) Open the lid and retrieve your clean appliance.

5) Every few days, remove the tray and bath, and pour away the dirty water.

6) Refill the bath, replace it, and Pearly is ready for the next use.

With these clear steps, Pearly simplifies the process of cleaning, drying, and maintaining your dental appliance, effortlessly fitting into your daily routine.

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