David Hawkins

As an industrial designer, I am highly creative and solution-oriented, approaching the design process with a hands-on mindset.

TrailMate – A Smart Handheld Safety Navigation Companion

TrailMate helps individuals who find themselves lost or misplaced, it provides comfort and assurance of the correct route to navigate.

The device stores interactive local map data and viewing areas, along with marked hazard zones where the voice feature speaks aloud.


TrailMate has a built-in failsafe system allowing the user to input power into the device, charging a long-lasting supercapacitor, ensuring an SOS transmission is always sent. The hikers’ devices are connected through an intelligent mesh network, increasing range and allowing more accurate positioning across a landscape.


TrailMate is an affordable solution as it is based on a renting business model making it cheaper for users as they do not have to pay a one-off price for the technology and the product as a whole. TrailMate utilises an intelligent mesh network and a hub device, making it considerably more accurate in deciphering unit locations. This empowers the users to know exactly where they are even within a challenging area or environment. TrailMate is an easy-to-use intuitive device, as every interaction with the unit and its UI considers the needs of the different users, at different levels of proficiency, in hiking and map reading.


By creating a strong brand for TrailMate, it becomes more than just a handheld device, it becomes a recognizable symbol of safety, reliability, and connectivity for outdoor enthusiasts. Effective branding helps to differentiate TrailMate from its competitors, capturing the attention and trust of potential customers.


The creation of this product, TrailMate, involved a iterative design approach that included multiple rounds of concept generation, testing, and evaluation.

RSA Student Design Award – Amplifying Connections

Using the power of football to amplify old and new connections through a thrilling, immersive match day, experience from the comfort of the living room.

Our solution, Sky Unite, creates an immersive, way to watch live sports virtually with others using projection, haptics, and 3D projection technology. Our solution also aims to help those who may be lonely to be able to connect with local community groups to help them form new connections.

Using Unite

Sky Unite provide a regular, shared social experience, with features that creates conversation and stronger connections with the important people in a person’s life.

Sky Unite App

The Sky Unite app would be aimed to be used as the users main remote and interaction device, as well as an app where people can have an extra form of connection through the playful pundit mode.


  • Starpack Student – Silver Star Award 2020
  • WorldStar Student – Certificate of Recognition 2020
  • Diploma in Professional Studies 2021-2022
  • RSA Student Design Awards Shortlisted 2023

Work Experience

Design Intern, Graphic Packaging International, 2021-2022

Graphic Packaging International is an American based company which is one of the largest folding carton manufactures in the world. I spent my year in industry working at their Leicestershire based site in Bardon, as a Conceptual Designer. I had the opportunity to work on many different projects serving a wide range of clients, which improved my skills in many areas, including the use of Adobe Creative Suite and artwork creation, thereby increasing my knowledge of packaging. In addition, I experienced many new applications specific to packaging, including Esko Artios CAD and Zund Plotters.

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