Zayan Hossain

As an aspiring designer, I'm fuelled by creativity and driven to make a lasting impact. With a passion for innovation, I constantly seek new ways to bring visually captivating designs to life, and create products to help people.

Final Project

Introducing Virya: Revolutionising Mobility and Rehabilitation

Presenting Virya, a lightweight exoskeleton specially designed to enhance movement, and aid in movement, in the rehabilitation process.

Empowering Recovery Across Diverse Rehabilitation Needs

The versatility of the Virya Exosuit shines through in a wide range of rehabilitation applications. From recovering from sports injuries to regaining mobility after strokes or other physical traumas, this exceptional exoskeleton stands as an ideal ally to rebuild strength and restore freedom of movement.

Empowering Recovery Across Diverse Rehabilitation Needs

Virya incorporates a host of features, with adjustable joint angles to ensure a personalized fit, adapting effortlessly to individual needs. The integration of gyroscope sensors enables precise motion detection, enhancing stability and balance during rehabilitation exercises. Additionally, the suits padding reduces discomfort, enabling extended usage without compromising comfort.

Taking Control of Your Recovery

The accompanying app empowers users to track their progress and monitor their rehabilitation journey with ease. Through the app, users gain access to insightful progress trends, enabling users to stay motivated and stay on track toward achieving their desired goal.

Fine-tuning Rehabilitation Assistance

This app revolutionizes the recovery process by providing valuable insights and data-driven recommendations. With the ability to adjust exercises and parameters based on individual progress, users can optimize their rehabilitation journey and regain strength and mobility at their own pace.

Other Projects

COR is the ultimate heart rate monitor that redefines the way we monitor our health. With advanced technology, machine learning capabilities, and a user-centric traffic light approach, COR provides real-time health monitoring and ECG reports, empowering individuals and caregivers alike.

At the heart of COR is a user patch, a small, rechargeable, and reusable device that is comfortable to wear and offers unparalleled accuracy. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, the patch continuously monitors your heart rate, capturing valuable data that can be instrumental in understanding your overall health.

COR goes beyond individual monitoring, fostering communication and collaboration. The companion app allows users to share health reports with healthcare professionals, set personalized goals, track progress, and connect with a supportive community.

Florere, is a group project aiming at improving mental well-being by leveraging the power of companion plants. Our service aims to guide individuals through a transformative journey by cultivating a symbiotic relationship with nature. By nurturing companion plants, users are encouraged to adopt healthy habits and routines, fostering mindfulness, purpose, and emotional balance.

Florore as a service combines eco-friendly packaging with a built-in VR headset. Users can assemble the headset easily using the packaging, allowing them to enjoy interactive features and services. It offers immersive virtual experiences while minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

Through Florere, families and communities can collectively nurture healthy habits, find solace in nature, and build a culture of wellness that thrives for generations.


  • Shortlisted for the RSA Award 2022/23
  • Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

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