Tien Xzi Ho

As a designer, I value how aesthetics address and exceed both physical and psychological needs. With a specialism in human factors, I enjoy conducting usability tests in order to find flaws and learn how to develop products.

Final Project


Ripple guides individuals through deep breathing exercises, aiming to instill a healthy coping mechanism against panic attacks.

Training device

The at-home training device is comprised of LED-fitted rings that move up and down to visually represent breathing, following the pattern to breathe in, hold your breath, and breathe out for 5 seconds each. It also diffuses aromas, plays audio, and has a thermal conductor to stimulate and calm the user’s senses.


The wearable is equipped with similar functions to stimulate the user’s senses, providing immediate guidance during a panic attack. The wearable also monitors the body’s stress state and logs panic attacks onto an app that can be used for self-reflection.

Charging dock

Both devices are situated on a dock that can wirelessly charge a phone and the wearable. This is to ensure the integration of using the training device and wearable into the user’s daily routine

Work Experience

Emergo by UL, Human Factors Associate (2021-2022)
Gained extensive human factors research experience with a range of medical products. During this time, I performed as an analyst for usability tests, both in-person and remotely. This included: noting findings during use scenarios and knowledge tasks, participating in debrief sessions, developing reports on findings and root causes, and preparing data sheets and test rooms. Additionally, I developed multiple analysis documents, including a Use Related Risk Analysis, Known Problem Analysis, and Threshold Analysis.

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