Sophie Turner

I am a fashion textiles designer that enjoys creating 3-dimensional forms and incorporating them alongside my textiles. My work features multi mixed media, working with unconventional materials mixed with traditional textiles to create contemporary products.

Final Year Project

Archive Revival

-A Fusion of Antiques and Historical Fashion

A collection of luxury handbags inspired by history and reimagined in a modern context, with the use of contemporary materials and traditional textiles.


My project promotes the use of recycling of historical trends and movements to create timeless and versatile bags.

My handles are informed by my research into the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements c 1860-1914, reflecting simplified shapes and imagery of designs from that period. The stylisation of the handbags have been informed by the elegance, retrospective spirit and nostalgia of the 50s and 60s fashion.



The textiles have been both selected and created for their textural rich qualities. The tweeds, velvets and woven fabrics are a direct nod to the 60’s fashion; working with motifs which I have refined with my use of yarns to create high-end fabrics.

My chosen materials for my handles, acrylic and Jesmonite, are reflections of how I am modernising my historical inspiration. I have also chosen these materials due to their versatility and durability.

My bags test the boundaries of using unconventional modern materials, while still reflecting a timeless look with the use of elegant shapes and traditional textiles.

While historical trends never lose their relevance, they are often kept in context of their time period, my work challenges the modern perspective of these movements and allows for the old to become new.


Making of my handles

My Jesmonite handles have been crafted using clay, which I then moulded in latex and cast using Jesmonite.

My acrylic handles were curated using a laser which cut out and etched each form. I then used heat to distort and create the shapes of each handle. I have also designed two of the bags so that the handles could be replaced with the same style but in a different colour.

Previous Project


თავისუფლება – ‘Freedom’

An educational project which challenges the misrepresentation of the people of the Caucasus’ Mountains, reflecting on the beauty of their land, traditions and cultures.

თავისუფლება – ‘Freedom’

თავისუფლება – ‘Freedom’

Work Experience

Through my placement year, I have had experience in the fashion and interiors sector:

As lead textiles and interior designer, I had the opportunity to design and implement a bar in Cardiff named Lounge 94. In London, I had two opportunities, I initially worked as a studio intern to create luxury hand embroidered custom garments at, Dumebi London. I then went on to work as a production intern at the fashion label, 16Arlington.

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