Safiya Jagot

A visual problem-solver obsessed with creating aesthetic yet seamless experiences that meet user needs.

I really enjoy the challenge of creating designs powerful enough to evoke emotion and action from my audience. My favourite part of the creative process is brainstorming, doodling and collaborating with both designers and my target audience.

My Part C work explores social issues and examines the role of design in addressing them. This has driven me to create designs on issues close to my heart.

Final Project One

The Qamar Project

The Qamar Project is a faith-based project aimed to help Muslims who may be feeling a disconnect during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Ramadan can be an isolating time for most, especially those without strong Muslim support networks. This project, inspired by traditional Islamic patterns, will send out a decorated set of daily reflective prompts for Muslims that will aid their self-growth journey. Then if they wish, they will be able to enter their answers creating a personal yet anonymous visual data dashboard, to feel a sense of connection to the community in a way that feels comfortable.

The Origin Behind the Name
What is Ramadan?
An Insight Into the Problem
An Example of Reflective Prompt
An Example of Visual Data Dashboard
Final Project Two: D&AD Submission in Collaboration with Aaliyah Ali


giffgaff has successfully become a B-Corporation! but what’s the problem? Unfortunately, not everyone knows what being a B-Corp means. We aimed to produce a campaign to show giffgaff is taking their B-Corp status seriously. What is more serious than a total rebrand? A total transformation by giffgaff to show that being a B-Corp is more than just a title. The B is a part of who they are as a company. Our light-hearted and fun campaign aimed to get people talking, creating an awareness for B-Corps and the power of business to benefit the planet and community.

Phases of the biffbaff Campaign:

Final Project Three


ShopYellow is an application dedicated to helping address the social stigma in supermarkets, through a more positive outlook on our shopping habits. With a digital transformation, the food shopping experience is constantly evolving. Creating a digital interface that users can use to help aid their weekly shop will help tackle this stigma, reduce food waste and encourage informed food purchases.
Every individual’s circumstance is different and so it is important
to ensure that the app offers personalised features to ensure
they are shopping in the right way for them

The 5 Main Features of the ShopYellow App

How the App Works

Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Advertising Poster
Advertising Billboard

Work Experience

Diploma of Professional Studies

Workday, Graphic Design Intern,  June – Sept 2021, London, UK

Working within the EMEA Presales to establish brand identity within the company. Collaborate and pitch messaging strategies for sales demonstrations. Produced graphics for external and internal communication platforms to help boost engagement. Produce branded graphic assets for other teams within Workday.

Content Creation and Graphic Design Intern,  Feb – June 2021, Leicester, UK

Creating graphics and content for all social media platforms and web. Working closely with the content creation team to ideate and introduce new content. Researching and actively generating concepts and moodboards. Working collaboratively across the business and within the design team. Creating and solidifying brand guidelines for the company and producing marketing assets in accordance to those brand guidelines. Creating campaign print marketing material. Pitching and presenting marketing strategies and design ideas.

OIGETIT, Social Media Marketing Intern, Feb – June 2021, Leicester UK

Creating, editing and writing social media content on a daily basis for social media platforms. Collaborate and brainstorm with team to create original content, ideas and implementing posting and growth strategies. Monitor analytics to identify viable ideas, trends and growth patterns. Keeping up with latest news and trends to share on platforms.

Charnwood Arts, Social Engagement Officer, Oct – Jan 2021, Loughborough, UK

Presenting social media strategies that would help diversify audience and increase participation within community-led events to the board. Assisting in the re-design of the Charnwood Arts website, working closely with the CEO. Research into different arts organisations and social media trends/ platforms. Identify and create engaging social media content most specific for each platform. Undertaken online courses/training on Wix software. 

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