Laura Berezenko

I specialised in Textiles and Fashion on my foundation course and have developed a keen interest in knitwear and fibre arts.

Final Project

Queer Socs

The LGBT+ association is a keystone for the queer community in Loughborough, which lacks dedicated queer spaces. For my project I decided to highlight the forgotten history of the association in Loughborough by queering a part of Loughborough’s identity it is famous for, the socks and hosiery industry.

During this project, I have learnt about the evolution of the knitting machine from frame to flat bed. My work includes a mixture of knitting completed on a domestic flatbed machine and a DIY knitting loom inspired by the knitting frames I researched.

I have re-interpreted socks through drawing and abstracted its form through physical making and photography with a queer coded colour palette.

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