Final Project

Personalise International Student Rented Spaces

Designed to encourage positive and meaningful interactions, these series of panels allow the user to express themselves in their personal spaces when away from home. This benefits their experience abroad alleviating culture shock and feelings of disassociation.

Creative and Fun

Customisation and personalising run throughout the use of the panels, allowing users to adapt and change their living environment as they gain new experiences and make new memories.


Building connections between the user and panels through unique interaction experiences where family and friends can come together to create panels with a touch of home, or the panels can be used to build bonds with new friends and experiences while away from home.

The Process

Extensive development went into the panel designs using valuable insights from interviews and research to create designs and prototypes to be analysed and tested for further refinement.

User Testing

Insightful user testing was utilised to understand how the designs could be further improved, using a range of testing techniques to fully explore all interactions.

Live Projects Week

Modular Athletics Spikes – Adizero Duality

Propose a physical product that a brand could launch to enrich lives and aid in the cost of living crisis

Making athletics more accessible and affordable through modular running spikes. Achieved by a modular spike plate to allow runners to change the type of spikes they are using to match their training session, reducing the number of running spikes they need to buy.

  • Saves users money by reducing the numbers of spikes needing to be purchased.
  • Reduces packing space for users when they are going training.
  • Unique user experience.
  • Damaged spike plates can be replaced without needing a new shoe.
  • Users can adapt better to their training plan and run in the correct spikes for healthier and improved running.

Sustainability Project

Re-life Jeans – Workwear to Fashion

Design Better Jeans

Extending the useful life of workers’ jeans by fitting them into a circular economy and giving them a new life after they are no longer functional as workwear.

Designed with sustainability in mind from start to finish, the entire process and business model is geared to reduce emissions and encourage better user practices.

User interviews and testing were used throughout the project to help not only improve sustainability but the functionality and experience of use for the workers.

Work Experience

My placement year was spent half studying abroad in Milan, Italy, and half working at an internship in Málaga, Spain. This amazing range of experiences lead to a greater understanding of design communication as well as the different approaches to design in other countries.

Visionary Thinkers

Visionary Creators

Visionary Makers