Final Project


BEARINGS is a digital walking compass that aims to teach beginner hikers how to properly map read while walking, to reduce the number of Mountain Rescue callouts. Each year Mountain Rescue saves thousands of lost hikers who are ill-prepared and inexperienced for the British mountains.

This project intents to prepare hikers for this potentially dangerous terrain, while also teaching them the valuable skill of map reading.


The user can either use the device as a normal compass or reveal the second screen and follow the instructions on the screen to take a bearing. The user initially reserves a route card online for a specific walk, which generates an equipment list, which they must complete. This is linked to weather, to ensure that the user is correctly equipped for the conditions and terrain


If the user needs to call Mountain Rescue, there is an emergency SOS button which send the users’ coordinates to Mountain Rescue, with an emergency battery for the users’ phone so they call if possible. The SOS button also sends a message to other users with the device, who can aid the user while Mountain Rescue are on their way

Journey to the Show

This is an exploded view to highlight all the internal components required to make the device.

This is the logo created for the branding. Several logos were created, but ultimately the participants chose the cartoon styling.

If another user is in danger nearby, the device will flash red, and then give them the coordinates of the person in danger. This means people aren’t waiting for hours by themselves for Mountain rescue.

Sketches created for the form of the device.

‘Bodystorming’ exercises to quickly assess the prototype created.

User testing wit the ‘think aloud protocol’, using the 3D printed Model. This examined the effectiveness of the mid-fidelity interface screens.  

Work Experience

  • Stag Design – September 2021 – July 2022
  • Decyfr Sport – July – August 2022

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