Giorgina Sexton

As a User-Centred Design student at Loughborough University, I have developed creative problem-solving and design thinking skills, along with expertise in UX design, research, and prototyping.

Final Project


I am excited to introduce out&about, which brings people together to engage in a vibrant exercise community. The platform aims to revolutionise the way in which people engage in physical activity by connecting them with like-minded individuals and giving them access to specific opportunities that are tailored to their interests and needs.


The platform was created with people of marginalised genders (POM) in mind, to develop an overall safe and welcoming space that gives them the comfort to forage meaningful connections and embrace their interests for exercise, extending far beyond the screen. out&about redefines social media, champions inclusivity and inspires a thriving exercise and sporting community.

Other Projects

An Accessible Aay-finding Service for Grocery Shopping at Tesco

As a group, we developed a concept that provides an accessible and assistive grocery shopping experience for our project partner, Rebecca. During this initial stage of the project, we identified the problem and developed a solution using a co-design approach.
The second part of the project involved taking the concept to a wider audience, ensuring the solution met the needs of a diverse group of people. Click here to view the final high-fidelity designs.

I invite you to view my portfolio, where you’ll find information about what I’ve learnt during these past four years, the projects I’ve been involved in and a little about me. Click here or on the image to access it.

Video Portfolio

Find out more about my vision and design philosophy in this video! 😁


  • Design Week – 2nd place award from TTP
  • Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

Last year, I gained valuable experience as a UX Research and Design Intern at an international entertainment platform. I led the development of projects for over 18 million players worldwide through cross-functional collaboration and rigorous research and design methods.

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