Emily Terrington

I am an integrated digital practice student and am combining my love for sport with my final degree project where I focus on the development of technical textiles for sprint and outdoor running wear for the female athlete.

Final Project


Upon the first Olympics being held in Athens, Greece in 1896, women were deliberately banned from taking part in all events. The argument given was “an olympics with women would be impractical, uninteresting, unaesthetic and indecent”. Fast Forward to 2020, the Tokyo Olympics have been billed the most gender neutral olympics of all time. Across my project I am showcasing the evolution of the ultimate female runner, starting from the beginning in Greek mythology all the way into our modern day sporting. 

Athlete Research

As part of my project, I conducted first hand research with three female sprinters at the University. I developed a survey and asked a series of questions. Some of these questions were centred around athlete psychology whilst others focused on the aesthetic points. As a result I have built a bespoke collection based on the feedback that I have received. This has enabled me to construct a small but rich colour palette of three powerful colour. Carbon Black, Ice White and Blood Red.


Camouflage is one of the more technical pieces within my collection. Emulating the project completely with a cheetah textured print onto dragonfly wing inspired mesh, the weight of the sports mesh is deducted even further when the filled engrave print of a cheetah is added using laser software and removes a layer of the material whilst also creating a sleek aesthetic. Acting as a second skin, I wanted to used my knowledge of biomimicry in my research to elevate the project showing how nature divides its survival of the fittest with its strongest animals.

Journey to the Show

My show is inspired by my love of sports and the work experience that I undertook after my second year at University. I received the amazing offer of working at Adidas HQ for the running team in Germany where I relocated for 6 months.

During my time at Adidas, I worked as a Product Footwear Developer where I was able to experience what it was like to work in the design world for competitive running with Adizero. Developing products based on credibility gave me the realisation that I wanted to work with technical textiles in future.

Taking on board what I had learnt on placement, I put these skills to practice when developing my final collection and decided to focus my pieces around running apparel.

Work Experience

ADIDAS HQ, Herzogenaurach, Germany: Running Footwear Product Development for Adizero

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