David Hitchcock

A graphic communicator with a genuine interest in design's potential to solve human issues, namely the bringing together of people to assist human interaction and build a more harmonious society; specialized in creative problem solving, visual storytelling and brand strategy.

Final Project

Heineken Moments | D&AD Newblood ’23

Heineken moments aims to connect individuals by highlighting a common ground in the mutually loved beverage and its associated moments. This is achieved through a recyclable bottle that has the ability to showcase its previous drinkers. In turn, users must embrace the challenge of sharing a drink with those come before, celebrating diversity and embracing humanity beyond social boundaries.

Unique Identification Code

Each recyclable Heineken bottle features a unique embossed identification code that, when scanned, unlocks the bottle’s chain of previous drinkers – suggesting the challenge of sharing a drink with those come before.

Heineken Moments Interface

The bottle’s journey is then revealed to its user in the form of a small snippet displaying previous drinkers, followed by the prompt ‘Claim Your Moment’. Users then have the opportunity to join their chain by claiming their own ‘Heineken Moment’ using a photograph and 3-word naming system.

Online Presence

To garner support for the experience, users have the option to share their ‘moment’ on social media, serving as an incentive to seize the opportunity and be creative in how they capture their moment.

Drop off & Redistribution

Once consumed, the bottle is returned to a Heineken Moments drop off point (found at distributing bars and sellers), to be collected for redistribution globally using Heineken’s international exports across 190+ countries; growing the chain and keeping the journey alive.

Journey to the Show


‘OFFSIDE’ was developed as a means of effectively calling out your mates in response to harmful language without ruining a social occasion. The campaign addresses modern conflicts around woke culture, using ‘casual homophobia’ amongst young men as a starting point.

The visuals for the campaign aim to draw attention to those turning a blind eye to harmful language, encouraging them to take action as well as providing a productive means to do so.

To accurately communicate with the intended demographic, football terminology has been implemented around a conversational structure, with “That’s Offside” being the opening line followed by the mnemonic V.A.R. :

V. – Voice your concerns.

A. – Offer an Alternative word that can be used.

R. – Show them the RED!

Informative coasters were developed as an on site aid to the conversation. One side outlines the V.A.R conversational structure and the other carries the aforementioned RED; an informative design letting ‘offenders’ know what they may have said wrong as well as information on how to avoid further ‘blunders’.


  • D&AD Newblood Winner 2023.
  • Diploma of Professional Studies.

Work Experience

  • In-house designer at social travel specialist TruTravels [2021-2022].
  • Lead creative in marketing and brand image team of Gibraltar-based small scale music collective DiscoWorks [2021-Current].

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