Final Project


ARCO is a worn head-guard and neck collar device that monitors player impacts. It prevents against secondary impact syndrome during amateur rugby union matches, as well as using protection and jugular vein compression to reduce brain damage and its effects on players.

Neck Collar

The Neck collar is a jugular vein compression device that is incorporated into a a headguard for security. Jugular vein compression increases the players blood volume in their brain by applying light pressure on the sides of the neck. This method is proven in NFL to reduce harmful internal movement that causes brain injury by up to 80%.

The neck collar also incorporates an impact sensor that measures all player impacts in G’s and the direction of the force. This data is then relayed back to an app.


The headguard secures the neck collar in place but it also is made up of 5 material layers that absorbs some of the collision impact and acceleration before it transfers to the players head.

The headguard incorporates a red warning light that illuminates when a high risk impact has been registered by the impact sensor in the neck collar. This warning light can be seen by all players, coaches, referees and medical staff who can then quickly remove the player from the pitch for a SCAT-5 head assessment.

Interaction Prototype

The interaction prototype shows how the player would interact with Arco during a match day and how it would fit a player.

The model shows Arco’s warning light and compression collar function as well as aesthetics and ergonomics.


The impact sensor relays all data to an app which players, coaches and medical staff can monitor.

The app relays real time live data during matches that coaches and medical staff can access during the game to monitor players health and concussion risk.

The players and approved staff can also look back on an individuals match data and overall season / lifetime data. This helps a player understand their risks and receive prevention, treatment and awareness information on concussion and brain health.

Journey to the Show

Prototyping / User Testing

Iterative prototyping was used throughout Arco’s development process. The models were utilised to test and evaluate size, comfort, materials, function and aesthetics.

The models started as old cut up head-guards and cardboard models which developed into my 3D printed and textile prototype.


Data technology was a large part of my projects research process.

The impact sensor used is made up of a rotational and linear accelerometer, tri-axial gyroscope, transmitter, battery and wireless charging. In addition to this is the warning light and receiver.

Branding Specialism

In the second development stage I created ARCO as a brand specialising in contact sport safety.

Arco aims to portray safety, necessity, simplicity, strength and trust throughout all products and marketing. To do this I created a branding guidelines document.

Other Projects

Electric Car Charging

To design an electric car charging station that integrates into roadside urban street parking. It should be suitable for multiple installations along the pavement so users that don’t have off street parking can charge their vehicle safely.

NHS Mental Wellbeing Device.

NHS Restor is a stress and wellbeing monitoring device that is used to warn care workers staff when they have been in stressful scenarios. The device is then used in the care worker’s breaks to take them through a mentally restorative journey before they recommence work.

Compostable School Shoes

To design a shoe that has a reduced sustainability impact on the environment. The focus of this project was based on the disposal and material impact of children’s school shoes. Children in primary school grow out of shoes every six months and 90% of all shoes end up in landfill for 40+ years.

Work Experience

Placement year at Infinity Seating Solutions Ltd.

Infinity seating specialises in bespoke cinema seating such as sofas, armchairs, daybeds and recliners. I am their in-house designer designing and modifying these products as part of a R&D team.

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